Chubby Puppy's main training area is 560 square feet that is fully matted and in a climate controlled environment (heat & A/C).  


Chubby Puppy's instructors are Certified to evaluate AKC STAR puppy, CGC - Canine Good Citizen including Community and Urban and Trick Dog and offer the testing.

All instructors have over 25 years of experience training obedience & other classes as well as providing private instruction.

Chubby Puppy offers - Puppy and Beginner, Intermediate/CGC & Advanced Obedience, Competitive Novice, Rally, Trick Dog, Conformation, Canine Conditioning, and Private instruction. 

We are planning on offering a Therapy Dog Preparation class and testing at a later date.


** All dogs must be up to date on shots which must be administered two weeks before class starts and a recent fecal test.*

** Classes are limited to five students (especially during the Covid crisis) but not the out of door classes.

Classes 2021

Instructors - Jean Kroll, Darlene Seibel & Annette Sexton

Puppy / Beginner Class

Date: Friday, August 6, 2021  and

Saturday, August 7, 2021 at 9:30 am - Instructor Darlene

Pre-registration required with Payment.

Eight week course, $130.00, registration including payment by August 4, 2021.  A copy of vet records are required, send in advance or bring a copy with you.  Puppies must have first round of shots.

Bring your furry pal to learn new things! and basic obedience commands so that he/she is a good citizen when out and visiting different locations. This class is for puppies that have had no training.  This class teaches you basic obedience such as heel, sit, down, stay and come, as well as working towards good manners.  

CGC Preparation Class     Instructor Darlene

Date: Saturday, August 7, 2021  

Time: 10:30 am

Pre-registration required with Payment

Eight week course, $130.00,  registration including payment by August 4, 2021.  A copy of vet records are required, send in advance or bring a copy with you.

This class is for puppies and dogs that have had Puppy/Beginners Class/prior training.

We direct you towards completing your Canine Good Citizen. This is an Intermediate Class that has higher expectations of your basic obedience commands as well as working towards good manners.

We offer testing and you can sign up for the test and earn your CGC!

CGC Testing

Saturday,     , 2021

Pre-registration required with $10 Payment.  Trick Dog testing can be added, $10 additional.

Advanced Class / Pre Competitive Novice Class    Instructor Annette


Pre-registration required with payment

Six Week Course - $100.00, early registration with payment by

A copy of vet records are required, send in advance or bring a copy with you.

The Novice Class to help prepare your dog to compete in Beginners Novice and Companion Dog. This is only for dogs that have attended Beginner and CGC prep classes.  We will be focusing on attention, heeling, stays and much more.

Contact for more information

Conformation Classes

Sundays at 11 am - TBD - contact for specific dates 

$10 first dog/ $5 additional dogs, this is a drop in class

Bring your dog to practice for the dog show ring. This is a traditional class - examinations, movement, patterns and presentation.  

We have a nice big grassy area and a large tree for shade for good weather.

**Puppies may attend if they have their first round of shots. *Please bring shot records.

Please bring an assortment of soft treats (chicken, cheese, hot dogs) and your own equipment (leads and collars).

Fit N Fun!

Sundays: TBD

Time: 1 pm to 3 pm  

$15.00 scheduled drop in, $10 discount for purchasing six sessions at first class.  You must contact Chubby puppy and set up time, to insure limitation of the number of people attending (Covid restriction)  A copy of vet records are required, send in advance or bring a copy with you. 

Join us and have some fun building your dog's strength with Fit Paws devices and fitness items (balancing on balls, peanuts and discs) and agility equipment set at very easy levels for beginners. 

This is for dogs of any age.  

***Dog's nails must be trimmed!  The fitness equipment can be punctured.

Dogs must on leash and controlled. 

Definitely a fun time and bring a LOT of treats!!!​

Trick Dog Class I 

Date: TBD

Time: 7:00 pm

Pre-registration required with payment

Six week course, $100.00, registration with payment by January 23, 2021.

A copy of vet records are required, send in advance or bring a copy with you.

Bring your furry pal to learn new things!  Learn new tricks at an easy level to compete for the Trick Dog Novice title.  

Daycare and Train  - The daycare - the owner dropping off the dog for daycare and picking up at the end of the day.   Presently no overnight boarding is offered. 

Pricing are based on 5 days of training up to 21 days of training. 

Training includes: Walking nicely on lead, sit, down and stay.

Contact for more information.

Private instruction - with you and your dog. Teaching the basics: Walk nicely (heel), sit, down, stay and come  Or help problem solving competitive issues. Instruction is one hour on premises.

Initial Consultation: Call for quote

Chubby Puppy offers CGC ready program during daycare.  Teaching your dog the basics  and sign up today!


A Jog a dog Treadmill is available.  

Any purchase that requires processing like debit, credit card and Paypal a 3% processing fee is added.  This is the amount the CC processor charges us for this convenience. 

Cash, checks, Venmo or Zelle are always accepted and do not require this fee.

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