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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How Do I try Chubby Puppy?                                                                             

A:  1.  Check to see that your dog has the proper inoculations.  Most especially Rabies and Bordetella.  If inoculations are not up to date, please do that Two (2) weeks prior to booking a half day evaluation.                                                    

2.  The evaluation is to be scheduled after 10 am and before 1 pm on a weekday (M-F) and within the schedule of Chubby Puppy, so that we can arrange a good evaluation experience. The evaluation lasts about 3-4 hours, so please plan for that.     

We do not provide evaluations on the weekend.    

*Please do not just drop by with your dog. You must provide all the same documentation (Vaccination records)              

Q:  Can I come in for a tour?    

A:  Yes, please call to schedule the time to do this.  Refer to the above notes for the appropriate time frame to do this.  No, you cannot bring your dog unless you provide your vet records prior to coming.  Inoculation documentation is required for any dogs that enters the facility.  

Q:  What paperwork do I need?   

A:  Chubby Puppy needs

  • Your vet records which should include all the proper vaccinations. 

  • The completed application and a pet profile (link is on the daycare page).  We do have these documents if you do not have the opportunity to fill them out in advance.    

  • You can provide them by email in advance or when you arrive for your appointment for the evaluation.  


Q:  How many dogs does Chubby Puppy care for in a day?     

A:  Chubby Puppy limits the number of dogs each day to 12 Large dogs and 5 smaller dogs.  We want to make certain that all dogs are cared for properly.                                           


Q: Can my dog not pass the evaluation?                                                     

A: Sadly, yes.  Some dogs are not capable or being with a large number of dogs or do not play nicely.  Chubby Puppy is building a pack and some dogs are just not a fit for the situation.                   

Q:  Do you accept dogs with a history of biting and may be aggressive with dogs?   

A.  No!  If your dog has bitten someone or other dogs they do not belong in a daycare.  We are not equipped for highly aggressive dogs.    


Q:  Can you change your hours to accommodate my schedule?  

A:  You will have to discuss this with us.   

Q:  My dog attends another daycare can we come to Chubby Puppy too?

A:  We prefer that they do not and do not think this is acceptable and must be disclosed before attending daycare here.  The concern is that this situation increases the likelihood of cross contamination from site to site.  We do realize that dogs can carry kennel cough, worms and etc from dog parks, groomers, training facilities and even playing with a friend's dog that attends a different day care.  We have to do all we can to minimize this from happening.    

Q:  Are you insured?   

A:  Of course!  any business should be.  We are licensed by the State too!  Any daycare or boarding business must have a State Kennel license and be inspected two times a year.    





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