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I am so excited and pleased that Trudy Midas of España Silk allowed me the opportunity to distribute this wonderful line of products to you.

España SILK products are all natural, water based, non-oily, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and does not contain petroleum, pyrethrins or alcohol-based chemicals.  España products are plant based with organic ingredients, and PH balanced. España products are good for humans and all their pets and are specially formulated to hydrate and reduce static while enhancing the natural luster of coats, manes and tails.

España products are made from organic surfactant blends to clean your skin and your pet’s skin and hair shaft only, therefore, not going below the skin surfaces.  España's "SILK" PROTEINS (Silk means STRONG) are what sets España apart from the other products on the market as our products have been specially formulated & created to HYDRATE.  There are literally 100's of silicone on the market that are either acid or alcohol based which causes drying and breakage.  Providing HYDRATION/ MOISTURIZING being the BIG DIFFERENCE to the coat/hair and skin.

España SILK™ grooming products are:


· All Natural (no dyes, no salt, no parabens, no phosphates)

· Water based, Extra Hydration (non-oily/nonslip)

· Ph balanced, Natural Preservatives

· Biodegradable

· Hypoallergenic

· Naturally soap and detergent free

· No petroleum, pyrethrins or alcohol based chemicals

· Great for all animals and people too!

· Environmentally friendly!

We offer: Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangler, Waterless Shampoo, Whitening and Brightening Shampoo, Antiseptic Shampoo, Antiseptic Conditioner, Antiseptic Topical Spray and Bug Spray.  In volumes of half liter, liter, 4 liter and Try It packs of regular items, a summer pack and an antiseptic pack to try it for the first time.   

Contact us today or email to order   


White Pine collars and leashes! They are an APDT partner. The soft slip collars are gentle for any breed or size of dog and come in wonderful colors - black, blue, red, teal, purple & rose. The leashes are gentle on the hands! Also we have a limited supply of the Limited soft slip four foot leads. It is a collar and lead all in one!

Stop by to pick one up today!


Why Choose Massage


Massage is a gentle therapy that can relieve pain.  Massage can be defined as any systematic form of touch which has been found to give comfort and promote good health.  Depending on the application of the techniques, the after effect can be one of relaxation or excitability. 

Animals exhibiting tight or painful muscles can elicit unwanted behavior.  Resistance and/or the lack of willingness to move in a particular direction can be a sign that your animal companion has muscular discomfort.  Massage techniques properly applied can remove pain and muscle spasms.  Muscle stiffness and inflexibility can be altered through the appropriate use of such techniques as passive touch, effleurage, kneading techniques and stretching.

Recovery from illness, injury, the effects of the conditioning process and competition can all be eliminated or improved through the use of massage. 

Benefits of Massage


The benefits for massage can be physical, mental and emotional.

Massage physically relaxes the body, reduces mental stress, reduces anxiety and calms the nervous system.  The heart rate can be reduced and respiration slows, inducing mental relaxation.  Stretching of connective tissues improves flexibility, range of motion of the joints and improves “posture”.

Massage can be used to release endorphins, speed recovery from injury or illness, and reduce swelling and scarring.  Touch modalities promote a feeling of well-being and improve concentration, by removing body pain distractions which can make the difference in the day’s performance.  The general health of all beings is improved with the increased circulation of blood and lymph promoted through massage.

Types of Massage

1. Health and wellness   2.Massage for the aging dog  3. sports massage  4.Pre event massage  5. Post event massage

Cold Laser Therapy is also available for an additional cost.

Call Chubby Puppy for an appointment 

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